Roto Champ

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250.00 ج.م.‏
310.00 ج.م.‏

Multipurpose cutting device and without electricity
It is the ideal device for cutting all kinds of foods, vegetables and fruits
The device contains 5 easy-to-change tablets and you can distinguish their uses by color, made of stainless steel and engineered by Germany to make their blades always sharp while ensuring accuracy and speed in cutting, and you can convert the basic container to a container with a lid to save food or to cut directly inside it.
German industry.
- it contains :
1 - transparent bowl (large)
2- Purple disc (coarse spraying and thin cutting)
3 - Red disk (with a fine, medium spray and thin fingers)
4 - Yellow disc (very fine sprinkling)
5 - Dark blue disc (highly fine spray)
6 - Dark Green Disk (thick slices)
7 - A box for preservation
8- Peeling tool