Gemei Professional Hair Trimmer GM-717

Picture of Gemei Professional Hair Trimmer GM-717
Gemei Professional Hair Trimmer GM-717 allows you to cut more hair in less stokes – making your shaving sessions short and effortless.

150.00 ج.م.‏
Manufacturer: Gemei

Gemei Professional Hair Trimmer features an impressive titanium plated stationary blade and you can easily change its length for smoother shaving. The device can operate cordlessly for up to solid 40 minutes and comes with a charger and a charging stand.


- Brand: Gemei
- Model: GM-717
- Item Type: Hair Trimmer
- Product: Professional Hair Clipper
- Input Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
- Power Consumption: 3W
- Charging time: 8 Hours
- Accessories include: Charger with charging stand, Oil bottle, Cleaning brush, Cutting length comb


- Ergonomically shaped body
- Powerful motor
- Easily change to length
- Stainless steel blade variable cutting length easy to take down the blade
- Push type switch for easy operation
- Intelligent anti-clip system