As Seen on TV Spin Spa Brush - White

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Microdermabrasion Head: fill it with your favorite body wash Mesh Sponge Head: Perfect for gentle exfoliation Massage Head for treating sore muscles Pumice Stone: Treat your rough skin and calluses Cleansing Head:Comes with soft bristles for everyday cleaning

75.00 ج.م.‏
100.00 ج.م.‏

The Spin Spa Brush cleans, massages, and exfoliates; turning your shower into a spa! Use any soap or body wash on battery-powered heads to rejuvenate and pamper. This product is perfect for hard to reach areas on your back and legs. You could go to a luxury spa for one day or use this product for months at a fraction of the price! The small size allows you to bring this shower brush anywhere you go for a spa like rejuvenation; even on vacation