Prepara Chefs Sauce Bottle

Picture of Prepara Chefs Sauce Bottle
Kit includes 2 heat resistant silicone squeeze bottles Easy to fill wide mouths and measurement marks 2 air tight caps for easy storage Each bottle has a 6 ounce capacity Dishwasher safe Microwavable

65.00 ج.م.‏
125.00 ج.م.‏

Create chef inspired dishes with our multi-tasking Chef’s Sauce Bottle Kit! This versatile squeeze bottle kit allows you to baste meats, drizzle honey, squirt butter on your popcorn, brush on grilling sauces, inject cream filling, paint egg wash on baked goods, decorate cakes, dress up plates and much, much more! Whatever is on your menu, the Chef’s Sauce Bottle Kit can help take your culinary creations to the next level. Each bottle has a six ounce capacity.

Also included are three tips: one fine nozzle for decorating, one thick nozzle for thick sauces or dressings, and one heat resistant silicone pastry brush tip