Plasma Car Riding Toy - Yellow/Black

Picture of Plasma Car Riding Toy - Yellow/Black
Package thickness:55 centimeters Package weight :in KGs2000 grams

295.00 ج.م.‏
  • This sleekly designed car requires no batteries or other power source. The car is powered purely by the movement and energy of your children and harnesses the natural forces of gravity, inertia, friction and centrifugal force. As your child turns the steering wheel, the car will move by itself, almost as if by magic. The Plasma Car works best on a smooth but hard surface. Use on gravel or other uneven surfaces will make it harder to propel and steer the car. Kids can whizz around at surprising speed in a Plasma Car and these highly maneuverable cars are equally at home in tight spaces indoors as well as outside in the open air. With no pedals and no complex gears to master, children will get the hang of driving a Plasma Car in no time at all. As well as providing plenty of exercise, driving a Plasma Car fine tunes your child's motor and observation skills as well as their hand eye co-ordination. The cars feature anti-slip foot mats and are designed to be stable and robust, meeting all international safety standards. They are quick and easy to assemble at home so your kids can begin their adventures straight away.
  • Brand: Plasma Car
  • Target Group: Unisex
  • Category: Riding Toys & Wagons
  • Recommended Age: 3 Years and above
  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Dimensions: 80.00 x 33.70 x 40.60 cm